ACTOM – A key to Russia’s entertainment technologies market!

The professional entertainment technologies association of Russia (ACTOM) is founded to serve interests of the industry.

Resting on the experience of the European countries, we try to meet all the challenges of the Russian entertainment technologies market, which is very varied. The association unites manufacturers, distributors, rental companies and other market players, who support event technologies. 

Among the main issues of ACTOM’s agenda is certification and standardization issue. Planning to make this industry safer for people involved, we will also be striving to implement unified international standards by working with the country’s government. 

Another important point is staff education. ACTOM has already worked out several programs for sound, light and video technicians, which meet international standards. Seminars, lectures and workshops with foreign speakers are regularly organized and conducted by ACTOM.

We are open to international communication and cooperation as well. A catalogue of Russian companies is being created, and soon the association will be able to help foreign partners to find best contractors in Russia, and link them to any company in any region of the country. Also, ACTOM can assist with consultations on different issues about the industry, as well as to organize seminars or workshops.

We encourage you to contact us if you have any questions about entertainment technologies market in Russia!

We help

  • establish links with regional companies
  • find reliable partners
  • conduct seminars, lectures and workshops
  • resolve issues connected with Russia’s entertainment sphere

Email: info@actom.ru